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Baby Cap

Art No: 10650-B Barcode No: 9557272106509

Product Description

This cute lion baby hat prevent your little one 's head from getting cold. Grap one today!!

Hair Clip

Art No: 32210-C Barcode No: 9557272322107 Product Description Beautiful baby hair clip, colourful tie.

Travel Pack x 4’S
Pack B

Art No: 23000 Barcode No: 9557272230006 Product Description Travel Pack B contains 4 different baby cleansing wash. Each bottle is 150ml.  

Hair Band

Art No: 32102 Barcode No: 9557272321025 Product Description Beautiful baby hair band, colourful mouse.

Baby Hat

Art No: 10506 Barcode No: 9557272105069

Product Description

This cute baby hat is special made for your baby, it keep their head warm and prevent them catch cool.

Hair Band

Art No: 32100 Barcode No: 9557272321001 Product Description Beautiful baby hair band, colourful star.

Wet Wipes
(4 x 80’S)

Art No: 10836 Barcode No: 95572728108367


    • Paraben Free. Alcohol Free. Ideal cloth replacement for baby needs instant cleaning
    • Made of thick and cotton soft honeycomb material for soft touch feeling on skin.
    • Formulated to be mild and gentle on baby’s delicate skin
    • With Aloe Vera plant extract to double moisturise baby's skin
    • No greasy and sticky feeling after use.
For Baby  Keeps baby fresh and clean, use it every time when perform baby's diaper change at home or outdoor For Family  Ideal for multi-purpose cleaning after meal, office, sports and travelling

Hair Clip

Art No: 32200 Barcode No: 9557272322008 Product Description Beautiful baby hair clip, colourful watermelon.

Baby Set

Art No: 81290 Barcode No: 9557272812905 Product Description Long sleeve Long pants Rompers Mittens & Bootees Face Towel Cap


Art No: 10523 Barcode No: 9557272105236 Description This cute kitten baby cap comes with two choices of colour. Features:
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Suitable for 6 to 24 months old babies
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