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Art No: 80700 Barcode No: 9557272807000

Product Description

This bag comes with 25 pcs. Each bag recommend store for 9 oz /250 ml of milk.

Manual Breast Pump

Art No: 80780 Barcode No: 9557272807802 Product Description : Manual Breast Pump

81231 X 3’s
Breast Pump

Art No: 81231 X 3's Barcode No: 9557272812318

Product Description

This breast pump use to improve better lactation for breast feeding mother. After each time of breast-feeding, use the breast pump to squeeze out all the remaining milk. You may also use a breast pump to stimulate your milk production and boost your supply. The breast pump made with high quality polycarbonate. Cleaning Method:
  • Hand wash all part in mild detergent.
  • Do not boil the rubber pump
  • Do not feed the baby with squeezed milk in the rubber pump
  • Features:
    • Convenient to operate
    • Hygiene & comfortable proven
    • Light weight device

    Silicon Manual Breast Pump

    Art No: 80781 Barcode No: 9557272807819 Product Description
    • Especially soft and comfortable - made from quality silicon
    • Easy to use. No small parts. No assembly required.
    • Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction. Perfect for travelling use. Cord free.
    • Do not need to be charged or plugged in. Fit perfectly into any handbag or diaper bag.

    Breast Pump

    Art No: 80790 Barcode No: 9557272807901

    Product Description

    Single Electric Breast Pump (Signature Comfort) FREE Waterproof Organizer Bag Features:
    • 1 to 1 exchange (No Repair)
    • Small & quiet electric motor
    • 10 shifts stimulation & 10 shifts expression mode
    • Comfortable flange (Silicone Massage Cushion)
    • Natural teat shape
    • X2 times more comfortable than other brands

    Maxi Care Maternity Loop Pad

    Art No: 80715 Barcode No: 9557272807154

    Product Description

    Beeson's maternity pads provide better comfort & thickness on the loop pad - you will definitely need more than a traditional sanitary towel. Each Pack is comes with 10 pieces of loop pad.

    81236 – 150ml Breast Milk Storage Bottles (6 in 1)

    Art No: 81236 150ml Breast Milk Storage Bottles (6 in 1) Barcode: 9557272812363

    80782 – Silicone Breast Pump (Suction Base)

    Art No: 80782 - Silicone Breast Pump (Suction Base) Barcode: 9557272807826

    Manual Breast Pump With Storage Cup

    Art No: 80785 Barcode No: 9557272807857


    Beeson’s manual breast pump designed for convenient carry, light weight & affordable pricing. The set comes with 4 extra milk containers.  

    80710 – Nipple Puller

    Art No: 80710 Nipple Puller Barcode: 9557272807109
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